PhD Students

Sl. No. Name of Student Title of Thesis Year Co-guide, If any
1. Karnish Nasrin Ahmed Tapadar TBD 2019 - Till date Dr. T. Venkatesh
2. Alakesh Kalita Rapid Formation of 6TiSCH Network in IoT 2018 - Till date -

M.Tech. Projects

Sl. No. Name of Student Project Title Year Institution
2. Shiva Verma Designing Distributed and Adaptive Cell Scheduling Function for 6TiSCH Networks 2019-20 IIT Guwahati
1. Sushant Yadav Designing Channel-aware Cell Collision Detection and Mitigation Scheme for the 6TiSCH Schedules 2019-20 IIT Guwahati

B.Tech. Projects

Sl. No. Name of Student Project Title Year Institution
7. Baddu Hari -- 2019-20 IIT Guwahati
6. Durgesh Yadav -- 2019-20 IIT Guwahati
5. Sachin Chouhan -- 2019-20 IIT Guwahati
4. Tamilselvan S Intelligent System for Efficient Power Management in an Organization 2018-19 IIT Guwahati
3. B Sree Siddharth, G Sravan Development of System based Firewall and Monitoring the system through web Application 2017-18 IIT Jodhpur
2. Vivek Dwivedi, Sarvesh kumar Development of eRikshaw Charging Mobile App 2017-18 IIT Jodhpur
1. M. Jagadeesh Network Anomaly Detection using Online Laplacian Component Analysis 2016-17 IIT Jodhpur

For Prospective Students

  • Internship: Bright students may contact with CV for possible internship positions. Also, you have to apply here.

  • PhD Aspirant: Aspiring applicant may write to me with a copy of your updated CV. However, the applicant has to clear the departmental PhD recruitment process. Minimum requirements to work in my group:
    • Strong programming skill using C/C++ and Matlab; Strong foundation on Data Structure and Algorithm.
    • Basic knowledge of Computer Networks. Suggested to read the following books before applying:
      • Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach; by James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross; 6th Edition, 2017.
      • Data and Computer Communications; by William Stallings; 10th Edition, 2017.
    • Basic knowledge of IoT. Suggested to read the Chapters 1-8 in the following book before applying in IoT:
      • IoT Fundamentals: Networking Technologies, Protocols, and Use Cases for the Internet of Things; by David Hanes et al.; 1st Edition, 2017.
    • Having basic knowledge on Probability, Stochastic Process, Matrix, and Optimization will be preferable.
    • Having knowledge on network simulation (using NS3, Mininet, Cooja, etc.) will be preferable.
    • Good writing and communication skill in English.
  • Syllabus: PhD Entrance Test in CSE, IIT Guwahati
  • Sample questions: Computer Networks
    • Note: Sample questions are only to indicate the level of difficulty for PhD admission test preparation. However, similar questions may not be set in exam.
  • Research Profile: If you join in my group, you will be working in any of these research domains:
    • Machine Learning based scheme for IoT applications
    • TinyML for resource constrained IoT devices
    • Improving data communication and networking protocols in IoT (e.g. IEEE 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN, 6P, 6TiSCH, RPL, CoAP, MQTT)
    • IoT Security -- Access Control, Intrusion Detection System, Secured Communication Protocol.
    • Designing different applications of IoT in Agriculture, Healthcare, Transportation, Smart Grid, and Manufacturing Industry
    • Use of ZigBee, 5G, WiFi6, LoRaWAN, 6TiSCH in different IoT application.